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Best 6 Lacrosse Goals & Nets

Best Lacrosse Goals

Purchasing Lacrosse goals can be quite intimidating since there are many different parts that make one goal and considering each of them individually can turn out to be a daunting task. Solution? Here are some detailed features of Lacrosse goals and an insight into what really goes into the purchase. We have also listed features that we have narrowed down for you after having done careful research on Lacrosse goals. Whether you are looking to buy goals for a team or for backyard practice, this article is going to be of huge help!

Best 6 Portable Lacrosse Goals & Nets

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1. GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net

GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net is extremely easy to set up. It will hardly take more than a minute to set this thing up. The best thing about this GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net is that it is highly portable. Just get it folded and then tuck it inside your car and there you go. GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net can withstand all types of weather conditions and extremely durable.  GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net has got steel frames that further adds to its strength and durability.

No matter what skill levels you are currently at, GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net is engineered to meet your expectation level. The net is made from premium quality materials that ensure its extreme durability.  Supported by a 17-gauge steel frame, this lacrosse goal will be held up for long.

Unlike other traditional lacrosse goals and nets that are hard to breakdown, GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net can be folded and stored easily. If the nearest lacrosse field is miles away from your home town, then GoSports Regulation 6′ x 6′ Lacrosse Net could be the go-to solution for all your needs. You can set it up on your backyard within a matter of a few minutes and start practicing.

2. Warrior 2.0 Corner Goal Target

Warrior 2.0 Corner Goal Target is excellent when it comes to practicing your shooting skills. Setting up Warrior 2.0 Corner Goal Target is as easy as pie and you don’t have to ask your neighbor to help you set this thing up. Do you love hitting corners while playing as a lacrosse attacking player? Well, in that case, Warrior 2.0 Corner Goal Target could be your perfect match.

Each time you manage to hit the target, you will hear a nice popping sound. The best thing about this lacrosse goal is that it lets you do a lot of practice without even making you realize it. Metal piping is mainly used in the target areas of this lacrosse goal.

3. Brine Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Just place this amazing Brine Backyard Lacrosse Goal in your backyard and start practicing your aims. Easy to install and lightweight, the net of Brine Backyard Lacrosse Goal is made from a 5 mm high extension polyester net. The metal bars are strong, rugged and durable. Spring tabs are attached to every single pole and thus making it super easy to fold it and unfold it in a matter of few minutes. The steel frames are coated with 1.5’’ powder.

4. STX Lacrosse Folding Backyard Lacrosse Goal

STX Lacrosse Folding Backyard Lacrosse Goal gets folded in half really fast. The net is 3 mm thick and the structure of this STX Lacrosse Folding Backyard Lacrosse Goal gets supported by 1.5-inch steel tubes. It can be stored and tucked away easily and effortlessly. STX Lacrosse Folding Backyard Lacrosse Goal is practically a steal at this price point.

5. Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal Shooting Target

Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal Shooting Target is suitable for all lacrosse players irrespective of their playing styles and positions. It can be easily attached to a 6’x6’ goal without much fuss. Strong and heavy-duty, Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal Shooting Target is made from reinforced steel and heavy-duty tarpaulin. No matter how hard the shots are, this Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goal Shooting Target can easily withstand the impacts. So, go wild with your shooting ability.

6. Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal is ideal for young and aspiring lacrosse players who want to improve their game. The structure of this Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal gets supported by a 1.5-inch weatherproof steel frame and the net is 2.3mm thick. Be it indoor or outdoor, you can use Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal anywhere you like. This heavy-duty goal is used by both advance level players and beginners.

How to Find The
Best Lacrosse Goals

Different players in Lacrosse may have different requirements, there are a few vital factors that you need to consider while you are looking to purchase a goal for a match-winning game.

1. Outdoor vs indoor

Commonly known as “field Lacrosse”, outdoor Lacrosse requires goals measuring six feet by six feet. On the other hand, the indoor version is also known as “box Lacrosse” need goals with a dimension of four feet by four feet. When you are shopping for a Lacrosse goal, you need to primarily consider the version of the game it will be used in.

2. Gameday vs practice goal

There are very important and significant differences between goals used for official games and those used only for the purpose of practice games. Goals used for the gameday needs to have comparatively thicker frames, something that’s sturdier and heavier than the goals used in practice games. Goals designed for the practice sessions are rather designed keeping the convenience factor in mind. Such goals also need to be lighter and easy to be moved around the field during practice games significantly for mini-games and drills.

3. Durability

As expected between both versions of the game, outdoor Lacrosse goals tend to face more abuse, are more prone to wear and tear and need to stand the test of time, tough weather, etc. When you are looking for Lacrosse goals for the purpose of outdoor games, the first consideration needs to be its ability to survive rough weather conditions. More durability means better quality and more investment. Finally, for an aggressive game, it’s much required and worth the money spent.

4. Easy set-up

While you are looking to purchase the Lacrosse goals of your choice, you need to be extra careful with the setup instructions. You might want something handier, something much simpler or something that requires a basic setting up – needs may vary! Few Lacrosse goals come with a frame that’s easy and quick to fold and can be comfortably set up within seconds but there are many more types that require you to attach and assemble different pieces and hence might take more time. If you are not sure about the process of its assembly, you might just want to have some professional do the job for you.

5. Child-friendly

This is one feature that can be extremely important for a few, particularly the ones who are planning to arrange Lacrosse goals for the youth team. Lacrosse is gaining popularity every year and its craze among young players is on a constant rise. Young players might be requiring a kind of Lacrosse goal that they can easily move around on the fields, for stowing when not in use or in between the drills. Hence, in such cases, you might want to pick a goal that’s not heavy yet sturdy.

6. Netting quality

Not all Lacrosse goal nets are of the same quality. Few of them won’t attach well to the frame and some might just fray too easily and few might just work well for the young players only. Netting quality is to be blamed here as the quality determines how well it can respond to the forceful shot by experienced players and high schoolers.

Out of the many vital features to look out for, netting quality is one major thing. You will require considering the netting quality and material that its made of. The thickness of the netting also determines its quality. Sometimes, even if the netting is good, it might still break due to its poor quality. Fee materials might just hold up well even if they are comparatively thinner simply because of the better quality of the overall product. These little things need your attention if you are planning to purchase your own Lacrosse goal.

7. Design and quality

You need to look out for the best quality frame and find out what actually you want in it. Few of the most vital features to look into are:

  • Easy storage
  • Portability
  • Easy teardown
  • Permanent set-up
  • Lightweight

If portability is your major focus, there is really no point considering a non-collapsible and solid steel frame for your Lacrosse goal. Since you may not easily move it from one spot to the other and it will also turn out to be extremely heavy. It may also stand a chance for tearing and breaking down while you try to set it up.

On the other hand, if you are using it for training purposes and are teaching younger teams, setting it up can be an issue so you need a lightweight frame so that they are easily moved around on the field. It’s still better to have a rugged Lacrosse goal that won’t actually fall down than the one that’s not easily set up and can tear down on a slighter movement.

When you are looking for the design and quality in Lacrosse goal frames, you must question yourself – what will I be using it for? How often will I be required to move it around?

Essential Features of
Lacrosse Goals

1. Rebound net

Rebound net is usually great for practicing games that involve fast-paced drills and it’s something that you can stretch tightly around the mouth of the goal. Most of the Lacrosse goals are capable of accommodating altogether a separate rebound net but a few selected models are also available with rebound net included in the packaging. Rebound nets are huge contributors to improvising a player’s game with respect to accuracy and reaction time while on the practice session.

2. Portability in design

There are a few Lacrosse goals that are particularly created and designed with the factor of mobility and are made of frames that are much thinner and lighter. There are other portable goals that can be folded down supporting better and easier mobility. You might want to choose over one for better mobility or transport if you intend to use your Lacrosse goals for different practice drills sessions and so on.

3. Backstop

Shooting at the goal in Lacrosse is never easy and it’s probably the most challenging part of the game which can make you win or lose big matches. You need more practice to improve your game and that means you will surely miss some of the goals multiple times right at the beginning of your practice sessions. Goals that come with backstop tend to encourage the players to make the most of their practice sessions since these backstops catch the ball when you miss them! The job of the smart backstop is to surround goals from all sides saving the balls for you so you don’t have to keep running for them chasing the lost ones.

4. Targets

Targets on the Lacrosse goals can improve your game and make your shooting practice sessions in the game much more enjoyable. Few models are available with small but useful hanging targets, particularly at the corners pushing players towards practicing with more accuracy.

Lacrosse goals: Few Know-hows!

  • Most Lacrosse goals are available with instructions for assembly that are quite easy-to-follow.
  • Few Lacrosse goals are also available with an option for professional assembly but might charge you more for the same.
  • Lacrosse goals and hockey goals might look the same but they are definitely different. A hockey goal is almost 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall whereas field Lacrosse goals measure around six feet by six feet. It is always advisable to use proper equipment for the game you follow.
  • Both college Lacrosse goals and high school goals are 6 feet by 6 feet dimension.
  • Most of the Lacrosse nets are made from some form of cotton or nylon and they are available in a wide range of variety with respect to materials used.
  • Most of the expensive Lacrosse goals net is configured from a range of higher-quality materials.

Which Lacrosse goals are the best?

Simply – the one that suits your requirements is the best! If you have established a Lacrosse team and now require the best Lacrosse goals for your game, there must be plenty of things going on in your mind. Determining your requirements and those of your team can be a real challenge and the right choice of equipment can push new teams and players to play at their maximum potential. Goals can be one of the largest expenses in this game but the right selection makes the investment worthwhile in the long run. Regulation size is usually 6 feet by 6 feet with the manufacturing of a 1.5-inch steel pipe that is powder coated and normally rounded. Most of the heavy-duty lax goals are not available with net and a huge range of choices in net options is the reason behind the same.

A good high school goal should typically include a goal and a net. There may not be a possibility for shifting goals on shared fields which means you just can’t have your goal out all the time and, in such cases, a quality portable Lacrosse goal will prove to be a good investment. There is a huge variety of folding Lacrosse goals that are available with carrying bags providing additional support and convenience. Backyard goals are also one of the best picks for new emerging players who love to practice on and on. Even if they have similar dimensions, they can be manufactured with a comparatively smaller diameter steel pipe and narrow goal net. These kinds of goals can be best suited to Lacrosse players that are just trying to get their practice shots up to the mark.

Purchasing Lacrosse goals: Why research is important?

Most athletes agree to the fact that practice makes them perfect but this is just so apt for the Lacrosse players too. The right kind of training equipment can help you raise standards of your game quality and a bad one will just ruin everything before you start. It is always best to know your kind of game and choose from a huge range of Lacrosse goals available with some reputable brands in the sports industry. The right deal can help athletes prepare for practice feed passes, zone defense or simply encourage players to achieve an improved foot speed and reaction time. Lacrosse goals for college or high school teams must also be chosen with care as a quality and sturdy goal will go on in the long run.

Many Lacrosse goals feature galvanized or coated steel tubular construction with smart welded corners for better durability and enhanced level of ability to face intense gameplay. It is also easy to add net to your Lacrosse goals in no time as some of them are also available with quality welded stringing rails.

Most of the Lacrosse goals and net collection they stock are full to the brim ensuring that you get different options at every price point. Most of the Lacrosse goals are designed to meet NCAA and NFHWS requirements and if they aren’t, you know there is already a red flag there. Shop elsewhere! However, with the right selection sold by trusted brands, players need not worry about the safety and quality of the products.

How To Assemble Lacrosse Goals?

Almost all the Lacrosse goals are available in a box and you need to assemble and set it up. Few are available in snap-on kind of designs while others are available with nuts and bolts or push-pin kind of design for assembly. Each of these types of assemblies might have different kinds of functions. Snap-on designs are best for the ones who are looking for Lacrosse goals that will be frequently and easily moved around when compared to the nut and bold kind of assembly.

Here are some more features to look for when you are assembling the Lacrosse goal.

Zip ties

Many Lacrosse goals are available with ropes that you can tie to form the netting to frame but this can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming and if you are not a pro, this isn’t really suggested. Most of the experienced Lacrosse players use zip ties to connect the net to the frames. While using zip ties, you need to see that it’s a collapsible frame and the net won’t come off when you store it.

Bungie cords

There are other methods that can help you to attach the net to the frame and Bungie cords are just one of them. Ideally, if the Bungie cords are small, they won’t take time to assemble or disassemble. Bungie cords are usually considered in cases where you require taking them off and store or move goals. If the net is able to remain attached while they are moved from one spot to the other, it means that the ropes and zip ties are just fine.

What are the dimensions of a lacrosse goal?

It can be tempting to know what size makes the ideal ones if you are new to the game. Firstly, you must know what size of Lacrosse goals should fit your requirements. According to the regulations of the game, it is usually a 6 x 6 Lacrosse goal. It is important to get hold of the perfect size if you are willing to use it for practice as playing with a smaller or larger one might just put you off when you face the actual game on the field. You need to get your dimensions right – right from the start!

No matter what you intend to use your Lacrosse goals for – official game or practice, the ideal size requirement should be a goal that’s 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide. If you need goals for the indoor game, it needs to be only 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Difference Between Official Lacrosse goals vs Practice goals

Lacrosse practice goals, also known as Lacrosse backyard goals, are slightly different from those used officially. Here are the major differences between the two of them.

  • Lacrosse practice goals have rounded corners and official goals have relatively different looking squared off welded corners.
  • Lacrosse practice goals have steel piping of almost 1.5 inches whereas Lacrosse goals used for the official purposes have thicker steel pipes that are commonly 1.75 to 2 inches in diameters.
  • Official Lacrosse goals are made of higher quality material and may also weigh even hundreds of pounds.

It becomes extremely important to find out the difference between the two so that you can pick the right choice when you are trying to find out what suits your game the best. You might not want to end up buying a thicker and heavier goal if you wish to purchase it for the sake of practice only as it is going to be expensive and at the same time, inconvenient.

Why Do You Need Folding Lacrosse Goals?

If you plan to own a folding Lacrosse goal, you are certainly aiming for something that’s going to be handy. Portable folding Lacrosse goals can easily fold up and make it easy for you to carry your goals just anywhere from one location to the other.

If you are a Lacrosse coach who is into training, buying Lacrosse goals that are easy to transport from one spot to the other on a field should prove to be a great investment. They can be easily transported from one yard to the other at the time of practice. If you wish to buy a goal that folds fast, turn to lax goals. On the other hand, used Lacrosse goals may not be easily moved and might just fail in terms of portability. It’s better to find a good Lacrosse goal at reasonable prices than stepping into DIY, as then later might take plenty of time, skill and resources.

If you are planning to make your own Lacrosse goals, it might just turn out to be some sort of cheap PVC goal constructed from the kind of piping that might also break off with ease. It’s always advisable to do good research and spend your time and money into buying a kind of Lacrosse goal that not just serves your purpose, but will also last longer!

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