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Best Lacrosse Goalie Helmets

Best Lacrosse Goalie Helmets

As seen earlier, goalies have to protect themselves by wearing helmets. Now, they are recommended to adorn gear that not only offers protection but also does not limit their movement. So, they prefer gear that provides maximum protection and optimum functionality while not limiting their freedom to move about.

Fortunately, through the years, lacrosse goalie helmets have crossed giant strides. Several lacrosse companies have been conducting research and development to manufacture new lacrosse gear that is safer and lighter than the earlier models.

Here, we review the best options in lacrosse goalie helmets to take your pick from. While all helmet models rate high in quality, you must go with the ones that are best suited to your preferences and requirements.

Best 5 Lacrosse Goalie Helmets

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1. Schutt Lacrosse-Helmets Stallion 650

The Schutt Lacrosse Helmets Stallion 650 comes with TPU cushioning towards the front and crown and should provide enough protection to goalie from the brutal force of the ball. This extra padding absorbs greater impact and withstands varying temperatures for keeping you comfortable. As compared to other goalie helmets available in the market, this helmet rates highest in safety and protection. The TPU cushioning boasts of a superior impact absorption system than other models.

The back and sides of the helmet are also equipped with patented D3O cushioning technology. This feature in combination with the TPU cushioning gives an advanced impact absorption effect. So, the goalie is well-protected and comfortable when on the field.

The helmet also comes with a new front pad that contains impact-absorbing polymer, which offers greater comfort and protection.

Further, an inflatable air liner towards the rear side of the helmet helps to fit comfortably on your head and gives a good fit. Also, you have a hand pump for filling and deflating the air liner. A lightweight carbonized steel faceguard are among other features of this helmet.

2. WARRIOR Lacrosse-Helmets Evo

The Warrior Lacrosse Helmets EVO comes with a BOA Closure System, with which you can adjust the fly for a secure fit on your head.

Additionally, the EAS liner is designed to maximize impact performance while being completely recoverable.  Complies with the NOCSAE norms and has SEI Certification. Designed for goalies, WARRIOR Lacrosse-Helmets Evo is great for that price.

3. STX Stallion 100 Youth Helmet

For youth players, the STX Stallion 100 is a good choice. The combined effect of the EVA foam protection and a special liner offers safety and comfort. Moreover, the built-in straps are part of an elastic adjustability system and can be adjusted for a contoured fit. The helmet is available in 3 sizes: Youth XSmall, Youth Small, and Youth Medium/Large.

Both STX and Schutt (one of the premier manufacturers of football helmets) have allied to design this good-quality lacrosse helmet.

Spanning several years, Schutt has come to be recognized as a trustworthy helmet manufacturing company, having produced a range of helmet to cater to the needs of professional football players. Schutt is committed to offering quality protective headgear by manufacturing the first youth STX lacrosse helmet.

The STX Stallion 100 is also composed of an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Shell that contains impact modifiers for greater protection to hapless goalies. This goalie helmet can endure intense impacts in football, which are harder when compared to lacrosse crashes.

Plus, the Stallion 100 has an EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) liner for diffusing collision energy effectively while offering maximum protection. The Schutt has also added an EVA comfort liner, which in combination with the EPP provides an extra protective layer.

In all, the Stallion 100 helmet is devised for novice players who require a contoured fit and supreme protection.

4. Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

Lacrosse goalies who want a helmet that rates high in protection and comfort can opt for the Cascade CPV-R helmet. A variety of sizes are available for different head sizes in this helmet model. With the SPRfit adjustable ratchet system, players can easily adjust the fly.

Also, in the R-Series, the CPV-R helmet is the first to feature an EPP liner system for efficient protection and more comfort. This helmet can be availed in 4 sizes: XXSmall, XSmall, Small/Medium, and Medium/Large.

The R-Series Shell has a FreeFlow venting system so you can cool off on sunny days when out on the field. The Chevron Mask facilitates greater downward vision due to a slender V shape in the middle of the latitude bars. The CPV-R and chin work in tandem to suit an array of head sizes.

5. STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet

Along with a smooth new shell and face mask design, the STX Rival contains defined lines to improve your field of vision when playing Lacrosse.

The lacrosse goalie helmet is equipped with the Sure-Fit air system which has an in-built pump for an adjustable fit on the field. Yes, you no longer need a detachable pump to inflate the helmet to sit on your head owing to these advanced features.

Also, Sure-Fit has a release valve so you can speedily deflate and remove your helmet. Furthermore, both the protective pads inside the helmet and the on-board system enable the helmet to fit on your head seamlessly.

Unified ventilation across the shell allows for air ventilation throughout the helmet. So, you remain cool even when temperatures are soaring on the field. The comfort liner provides more comfort to the interior pads, minimizing discomfort.