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Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

The job of a lacrosse Goalie is challenging and as a goal saver, you can be the game changer. Making huge saves and facing those harder and faster shots can expose your thumbs and hands to severe injury. Goalie gloves are the answer to this and many players worldwide regularly use it to ensure maximum protection. All you need are the best and the most suitable pair of Goalie gloves to keep you confident in the game for which you need to know more about them.

Best 5 Lacrosse Gloves for Goalies

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1. Warrior Burn Goalie Glove

Warrior Burn Goalie Glove offers a superior level of protection from impacts. Lock thumb is included to easily absorb impacts.  Warrior Burn Goalie Glove is extremely comfortable to wear and it has got TruVent backhand that adds to its overall impressiveness.

Rated 5 Stars by most lacrosse goalies, Warrior Burn Goalie Glove does what it does best and that is protecting the hands from impacts.

2. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Goalie Glove

Maverik Men’s Rome RX3 Lacrosse Goalie Glove allows you to keep your hand dry no matter what hot the weather is. To allow sweats evaporate quickly, 37.5 liners is used in the making of this lacrosse goalie glove. Forget about jammed or broken thumbs; just opt for this amazing lacrosse goalie glove and you will be just fine. It has got a nice and innovative FLOWCOOL venting on the backside that allows this Maverik Men’s Rome RX3 Lacrosse Goalie Glove to disperse heat fast.

Averik Men’s Rome RX3 Lacrosse Goalie Glove offers a natural feel and allows lacrosse goalies to have a solid grip on the shaft. PORON XRD foam, which is used in the making of this lacrosse goalie glove, hardens on impact but remains soft otherwise.

3. Maverik Lacrosse M3 Goalie Glove

Maverik Lacrosse M3 Goalie Glove is a perfect combination of comfort and protection. The company has made a great stride toward making the sport safer for goalies. Lacrosse goalies tend to bear the brunt of the opposition team’s fierce throws and therefore, they need to be properly equipped with a pair of good quality lacrosse goalie gloves otherwise, they will get injured in the process sooner or later.

To increase airflow, INHALER mesh palm is included in the design of this Maverik Lacrosse M3 Goalie Glove.

4. STX Shield Goalie Gloves

STX Shield Goalie Gloves is a game-changer when it comes to lacrosse goalie gloves. The company has invested hundreds of hours to develop a solid pair of lacrosse gloves that can stand the test of time. STX Shield Goalie Gloves are primarily designed for the youth lacrosse players and this glove is highly flexible as well. To increase the toughness and strength of the thumb guard, a special resin material is used in the making of STX Shield Goalie Gloves.

STX Shield Goalie Gloves will allow you to take hard shots without getting yourself hurt in the process. To allow the wrist to enjoy a greater level of flexibility, the length of the cuff has been reduced. To improve the breathability of this lacrosse goalie glove, the nash palm is added in the design. STX Shield Goalie Gloves offers maximum protection at no extra cost. What else you can expect at this price point?

5. STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie (Red) Glove

STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie (Red) Glove sports an intelligent design and flaunts a cool and stylish look. To eliminate the possibility of thumb injuries, a fixed thumb guard with extra thumb tip is included in the design. Cuff length has been reduced to allow the goalies to enjoy extra mobility. The key areas of the back of the hand are covered with reinforced protection which is cool. Overall, STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie (Red) Glove is a decent glove that deserves your attention.

Difference Between Lacrosse Goalie Gloves & Player Gloves

The biggest difference between both types of gloves is the extra protection on the thumbs that Goalie gloves can offer. They also protect thumbs against breaking, hyper-extending and hard shots, thanks to their proper padding. Best Goalie gloves are required for any lacrosse game as the player needs to be careful with their hands, particularly the thumbs that get hurt easily. It is important to get hold of a Goalie glove that can easily fit in hands as a good fitting ensures major saves without you having to worry about the gloves failing off during the game.

Grip, flexibility, and protection are the other factors that usually affect the purchasing of such gloves. Goalie gloves allow better flexibility and more comfort in gripping the shaft. Even though Goalie gloves can appear bulkier than the player gloves such that they often appear hard to move, it still makes sense to buy them as they ensure maximum protection against hard shots.

What Should You Look For In Lacrosse Goalie Gloves?

When you are looking for the perfect Goalie gloves, here are the features that you must keep in mind.

1. Size and comfort

They need to be fit else the movement of hands and fingers can cause injury when struck by the highest velocity. If you are in love with a particular pair of gloves but they don’t fit, just stay away.

2. Protection

The primary reasons why you need to have your gloves on! Since we are inviting harder shots to hands and thumbs, the purpose of Goalie gloves is to ensure that you get maximum protection against shots and prevent bones from getting broken down while you face them. Different kinds of gloves will offer different types of protection.

3. Price

Price can often be a good factor in understanding the quality of gloves you are buying. You need to pick the best pair of gloves under the budget that suits you the best.

4. Durability

Do you feel your gloves will start to come off after you have played just a few seasons? With proper care and maintenance, a good pair of gloves are meant to last for long without showing you its wear and tear face soon.

Lacrosse Goalie Gloves FAQ

  1. Q: Why do Goalies need Special Gloves?

    Ans: Lacrosse goalies need a special type of gloves as their primary objective to stop the ball from entering the goal. Therefore, it is quite obvious that lacrosse goalies are in need of gloves that provide better protection from impacts otherwise injuries are bound to happen. Goalie’s hands need an extra layer of protection and there is no two way about it. Thumbs and the wrist of a goalie also need extra protection.

  2. Q: Can Regular Gloves be Converted into Goalie Gloves?

    Ans: The idea is very tempting, without an iota of doubt, but it should be nipped at the bud. If you are a professional lacrosse player, it always makes sense to purchase a goalie lacrosse glove. However, if you are running short of budget, you can modify a pair of regular lacrosse gloves into a pair of goalie lacrosse gloves. However, you will have to spend some dollars on a good quality thumb cap in order to convert a pair of regular lacrosse gloves into a pair of goalie lacrosse gloves. You can add extra padding into the thumb.

  3. Q: Why Ventilation Is Crucial for Goalie Gloves?

    Ans: Since lacrosse is an intense physical game, you will start sweating sooner or later. Without having proper ventilation in your goalie lacrosse gloves, you will have a hard time maintaining a proper grip on the lacrosse shaft. Ventilation will help you keep your hands dry and this will have a positive impact on your overall performance. Believe me, soaking wet gloves are the last thing on earth that you want to deal with in an intense sport like Lacrosse.

  4. Q: How To Convert Regular Lacrosse Gloves Into Goalie Gloves?

    Ans: Many players can’t find Goalie gloves or fail to afford them. No worries as you can also convert your simple gloves into Goalie gloves. However, it is not recommended and you must see it as the last available option. Either go for a custom tape job or simply buy a protective thumb cap that would ensure maximum protection similar to Goalie gloves. While the custom tape job will simply require you to tape or glue the extra padding in place of thumb, thumb cap, on the other hand, should remain on the outside of your gloves.