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Best Lacrosse Gloves

Best Lacrosse Gloves

Since lacrosse is a physically intensive game, there is always a need for protective gear to play this game unless you don’t mind getting injured in the field every now and then. This is the reason why you need to have Lacrosse gloves on. Lacrosse gloves will keep your hands and your wrist protected. Lacrosse gloves are an indispensable gear for beginner, intermediate and professional lacrosse players alike.

Lacrosse gloves are designed taking into consideration the aspects of protection, grip, durability, and breathability of the material. The purpose of a lacrosse glove is to protect the hand from damage or injury during the game.

Gloves largely differ in styles, sizes, and designs. In fact, players choose gloves on the basis of their role on the field. For instance, goaltenders wear different sets of gloves as compared to the rest of the players owing to the distinctiveness of his role. Similarly, attackers may choose gloves with flared cuff system to enable better mobility and increase the range of movement. Players can try wearing gloves in various permutation and combinations to know what suits them the best.

Best 11 Lacrosse Gloves

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Selecting the best lacrosse gloves is never easy since there are so many different factors that you need to take into consideration. You need to check its features, its advantages, disadvantages and the price before making the final decision.

1. Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove

Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove is designed to whisk away moisture from the palm and thus allowing you to have better control over the stick. Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove can absorb and release heat with meticulous efficiency and this is what has helped it gained immense popularity with lacrosse players of different age groups and sexes. Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove has got an impressive shock absorption capability that will keep your hands projected from brutal checks from the members of the opponent team. A lot of engineering has gone into making these lacrosse gloves and therefore, it is no wonder this pair of Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove is not available for cheap.

To give better protection from impacts, this Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove is made from carbon fiber which in turn has made it immensely flexible and helps it cut down a lot of weight. Carbon fiber is highly resistant to abrasion which is impressive. To keep you protected from impacts and checks, Epoch Lacrosse Integra Glove has got a triple density foam stack. denser polyethylene is placed on the top whereas the bottom layer has got a softer foam to ensure comfortable fitting. The extra-long cuff provides extended protection to your wrist but contrary to what most people believe, this does not interfere with your playing style. You should not have any issues while trying to flex your wrist.

2. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves

If conventional lacrosse gloves are putting too much pressure on your fingers, you need to check out Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves. These lacrosse gloves are designed to take the pressure off the fingers of the players and thus allowing them to play comfortably without feeling any kind of numbness in their fingers. Just because Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves has enough room inside, it does not mean it can’t provide a snug fit. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves can whisk the sweat away very fast and INHALER mesh materials ensure great comfort. With Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves, you will be able to experience great mobility which is hard to come by these days. To increase airflow inside, Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves come standard with FLOWCOOL venting technology.

3. Brine King Superlight III Gloves

Brine King Superlight III Gloves flaunts a uber cool and classy look which is hard to ignore. Jam-packed with the latest features, Brine King Superlight III Gloves is sure to make you say wow. To allow players to feel the stick, this Brine King Superlight III Gloves has used a thin layer of leather. The pad is well-ventilated and thus helps to keep your hand cool most of the time. Brine King Superlight III Gloves is a perfect fusion of power, flexibility, and protection. Soft Faux leather is used on the outer layer of this pair of gloves and this is what helps improving ventilation inside. Ax suede tempo palm has definitely increased the durability of these gloves to a great extent.

4. Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Glove

Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Glove offers superior protection from impacts and nasty blows from the members of the opponent team.  It draws its strength from its Dual-density foam construction. Foam body has helped it shed extra weight and that means, Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Glove is extremely lightweight. Proper airflow is maintained and this is what will help you keep your hand cool and dry. Experience better grip and feel and the credit must be given to its textured Nash palm.

5. Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Glove

Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Glove flaunts a casual yet segmented design that allows for greater mobility without making any sacrifice on the mobility front. Made from high density and premium quality materials, Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Glove will provide all-around protection whenever you need it. Forget about sweaty hands with Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Glove. This pair of lacrosse gloves features a split cuff design. Putting on and taking off this pair of gloves is a breeze thanks to the inclusion of adjustable lace. Reasonably priced, Champro Sports Lrx7 Lacrosse Glove should be a great addition to your arsenal.

6. STX Surgeon 400 Men’s Lacrosse Gloves

STX Surgeon 400 Men’s Lacrosse Gloves is designed for those who are sick and tired of wearing rugged lacrosse gloves.  STX Surgeon 400 Men’s Lacrosse Gloves are made from ultra-soft materials and that means, you will get to feel the stick. This will definitely help you make marked improvements in your game. If you want to have better ball control, you need to get your hands on these STX Surgeon 400 Men’s Lacrosse Gloves. Layered cuff design provides an exceptional level of comfort and the dual-density foam makes it super rigid.

7. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Offers excellent value for money, Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove will feel great on hands and it takes hits really well. It can also endure a lot of abuse and does not come off that easily even in the worst-case scenarios. Incredibly lightweight, Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove scores high on both flexibility and mobility fronts. In case, you want to improve your handling skills in the game, you need to put your trust in this Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove.

If you have got sweaty hands, you need to get your hands-on Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove asap. To allow sweat dry out fast, Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove has employed TruVent technology that helps increasing ventilation to the backhand. During the faceoff, you will need extra protection around your wrist and Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove does offer that.

In short, Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove helps you improve your handling skills tremendously in the game and rarely restricts you from making swift wrist movements. Improve your game without breaking a sweat with Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove. One more thing, this Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove is extremely durable and does not get rip off that easily.

8. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Gloves

Strong polyester shell and Lightweight construction are the two hallmark qualities of STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Glove. This lacrosse glove is suitable for all players regardless of their playing positions. Forget about sweaty palm as Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Glove makes proper use of ventilation.

It does not get smelly no matter how many times you have put them on. It keeps your hands warm in cold weather and cold in hot weather. A perfect pair that you simply can’t live without, Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Glove offers a good grip as well. The adjustable drawstring is included in it and thus making it really easy to put it on.

It has got nice top ventilation that allows sweat to evaporate very fast. Since this lacrosse glove is extremely lightweight and rarely gets in the way of wrist movements, you will able to work on your passing skills and further improve the overall accuracy of your throws.

9. Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Gloves

Comfortable and sturdy, Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Gloves worth every single penny spent on it. Designed for both beginners and advanced level lacrosse players, Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Gloves will keep your hand protected no matter what. Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack is used in Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Gloves to protect your hands from impacts in this contact game. The top layer of this lacrosse glove has got a denser polyethylene whereas the bottom layer has got softer foam.

Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Gloves has got a nice cuff that is neither too short nor too bulky. It is just perfect in shape and size. Your hand movement is definitely going to get impacted by this glove in one way or the other. It extends protection to your wrist without making you feel uncomfortable. You can flex your muscles the way you like while having this Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Glove on as it rarely interferes with your wrist movements.

Nash and vented palm are used in the making of this lacrosse glove and the idea behind this is to keep your hands sweat-free and well ventilated. Epoch Lacrosse iD Lacrosse Gloves will allow you to have full control over the lacrosse stick.

11. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control

STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control is ideal for those who have to take a lot of Checks. It is super comfy but at the same time, it is super protective. Designed for the professional lacrosse players, STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves features carbon fiber reinforced thumb to improve precision while handling the stick.

On the palm, seamless construction design techniques are employed and that makes it super easy for the players to get a good grip on the stick. Your thumb will be protected no matter what and the credit goes to the compression pads and Carbon fiber reinforced thumb.

360-degree thumb rotation made possible by ISO thumb technology. STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves does not restrict your movement nor does it interfere with your playing style.

5. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves

STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves offers maximum mobility without making any kind of sacrifice on its ability to protect your hands even in the case of the most brutal attack. Your thumb will enjoy remarkable level of flexibility thanks to the inclusion of a new stretch thumb technology. It offers a unique broken-in feel. Throughout this lacrosse glove, dual-density foam is being used. To allow the hand stay dry and cool in warm weather, seamless vent is used on the palm. Nash palm allows excellent grip and top vents increase airflow which is just great.

Lacrosse Gloves
Buying Guide

Before you shell out the bucks to buy lacrosse gloves, you must have a proper idea of what you are looking for. Basing our judgment on the below-mentioned aspects is imperative:

  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Construction

Let us study each of these aspects in details:

1. Comfort

Certainly, you would not spend big bucks on gloves that you are not comfortable wearing. Irrespective of what your game-play be, you must not settle for gloves that restrict your hand movements or make you compromise with comfort. Laxers must check if the pair of gloves is too small or too large. Go for gloves that fit snuggly on your hands. You have to ensure that the gloves are flexible and they don’t stiffen up when you make a fist. Most gloves tend to loosen up with time, which is another reason why you should consider buying gloves that are your actual size.

You can find lacrosse gloves in 4 different numbered sizes:

  • Small Gloves- 8 to 10”
  • Medium Gloves- 12”
  • Large gloves- 13”
  • Extra-large gloves- 14”

Most players pick gloves in size 13”. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level players who are above the age of 16 can opt for large gloves.

Mind it, girls, comfort is the primary criteria in selecting your lacrosse gloves. If your gloves need adjusting every 5 minutes or so, it is a major distraction that can ruin the game for you. If you want to perform to the best of your abilities, you need gloves that are a combination of comfort, protection, and grip.

2. Protection

Duh! There is no other alternative to this protective gear in the game. Advanced players have to endure whips and nasty slashes that may injure their hands and fingers in the absence of proper protective gloves.

Lacrosse gloves for goalies are specially designed; they feature heavier padding than most other gloves. After all, goalies need protection against 100 mph shots that may rip their hands.

Lacrosse gloves are supposed to be lightweight but tough at the same time. If you buy products from popular brands, you shall notice that they use some of the best padding options available in the market.  Laxers, amateur or professional, can consider buying lacrosse gloves of the latest designs.

Make sure you choose a product that provides adequate coverage to your hands and arms. This is one of the ways to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

3. Grip

If you are or aspire to be a pro-player, you must employ every means to make sure you perform your best. Of course, you cannot afford to fidget around with your gloves or any other equipment when on field. Ergo, it is important to buy gloves that are characterized with proper texture to enable solid grip. Poor texture and grip are one of the major red-flags when buying the best lacrosse gloves. If your gloves need fixing every now and then or are having trouble handling the stick, you must consider buying a new pair of gloves.

One of the most common problems of wearing cheap lacrosse gloves is that the palms often rip. Well, the situation is entirely avoidable. All you have to do is consider buying lacrosse gloves that are manufactured using only the best lacrosse technology.

4. Ventilation

Sweaty palms are just your worst enemy in a game of lacrosse. Sure, you do not want your hands to shift around in your gloves; uncomfortable at the thought of your stick handling abilities getting affected in the process.

Properly ventilated gloves are as important as properly padded ones, no less! And of course, you would not want your hands to smell like garbage, right? That is exactly why you must buy gloves with proper vents to allow breathability. The best lacrosse gloves are super breathable despite having heavy pads on them.

Proper ventilation ensures that your hands not only remain dry but also stay fresh even by the end of the game.

5. Construction

We already know that women’s lacrosse is different from men. Women are not allowed physical contact. But stick whipping is allowed in the advanced levels of the sport. It is a no-brainer that women laxers need to withstand intense blows and whips during the game. In order to protect the palms, wrists, and arms from probable injury, laxers must make use of quality gloves.

While professional laxers have an idea about the most suitable types of lacrosse equipment, beginners might just be at the end of their wit when purchasing lacrosse gloves.

To help you with your queries concerning women’s lacrosse gloves, we elaborate on the construction of the best women’s gloves:

  • Thumb
    Your thumb is most vulnerable to injuries due to high-impact blows in a game of lacrosse. Therefore, you must make sure to buy lacrosse gloves with additional padding around the thumb area. At the same time, you must also take note of whether too much padding around the thumb area is restricting the movements of your thumb.
    A simple solution to this problem is to buy really lightweight thumb pads that are not rigid. Some of the best lacrosse brands have various products as described.
  • Palm
    Lacrosse gloves must shield palms from sports injuries. In fact, you must try the gloves on before making the final purchase and try to move your wrist in different angles. Lightweight material that is padded well can protect the palms and improve stick mobility. Make sure you are able to easily wield the stick and not struggle to get the grip right.

Lacrosse Gloves FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions about lacrosse gloves are given below: