Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads

Affectionately known as FOGO heads, Faceoff lacrosse heads are designed specifically for helping players pinch down on the ball at the X, and then flip it up to another player. Flexibility and durability are two important factors. With these and a few other considerations in mind, we’ve compiled this shortlist of the best lacrosse faceoff heads available online.

Best 5 Lacrosse Faceoff Heads

Here we have hand-picked the best 5 faceoff heads that you can find in the market.

1. Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Designed with a good combination of flexibility and stiffness, the Brine Clutch Elite lacrosse head is designed with a narrow throat that extends up the head and pinches down on the ball during faceoffs. Lightweight but strong enough to take some abuse, this lacrosse head comes in a variety of appealing colors.

The Brine Clutch Elite is a great all-around offensive lacrosse head that serves well in faceoffs. A good level of flexibility helps it snap up balls, but the throat is strong enough to prevent folding, and it extends about 2/3 of the way up the head so you have a larger area to work with. The scoop features a flat profile for easier ground ball pick up. It’s worth noting that you should not confuse Clutch Elite lacrosse heads with Clutch Superlight lacrosse heads! The superlight version will break under the stress of faceoffs – it simply isn’t built to take that level of pounding.


  • Long throat
  • Durable


  • Costs a little more than some other brands

2. Brine Dictator St Lacrosse Head

Designed specifically for faceoffs, The Brine Dictator ST lacrosse head features a narrow, stiff throat that helps you cup the ball once you’ve got it. The tapered rail design provides a good, solid feel while guiding the ball to a specially designed pinch point. The neck is ergonomically shaped to allow you to get your hands closer to the ball and keep it under control.

The Brine Dictator ST is designed specifically for faceoffs, with stiffer materials than you’ll find in other heads including the Brine Dictator. Once you get used to them, you’ll find that the flex points are ideal for the X. This head is great at getting ground balls, too. It’s worth noting that those who are accustomed to more flexible faceoff heads may find the stiffness a little off-putting at first.


  • Easy to string
  • Stiff design helps muscle out opponents


  • Tends to hourglass after lots of play, similar to other FOGO lacrosse heads

3. Nike Ceo Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The Nike CEO unstrung lacrosse head features an elongated bottom rail that allows for good mid-pocket placement. Stringing is easy, thanks to 16 sidewall string holes and 8 top wall string holes. With reinforced sidewalls, it offers a good level of durability. The pinched universal head is ideal for faceoffs.

There’s a reason why the Nike CEO frequently makes its way onto lists of the best lacrosse faceoff heads: It’s affordable, yet it offers excellent quality. If you’re looking for a good faceoff head that also assists with clean, accurate shots, then you’re probably going to enjoy playing with the Nike CEO.


  • Strong and durable
  • Pocket holds the ball very well


  • Warps faster than some other FOGO lacrosse heads

4. Stx Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-Off Lacrosse Head

The STX Lacrosse Duel U is a specialty head designed just for faceoffs. The patent-pending throat plug design minimizes the distance between the player’s hand and the ball, allowing for greater control. Special flex zones are located throughout the midsection and are complemented by stiffer sidewall braces that provide a good level of stability, both during faceoff and when picking up groundballs. An extra screw hole lets players add a third screw for even better stability and less rattling. This lacrosse faceoff head is compatible with NFHS and NCAA regulations.

If you’re looking for a highly flexible lacrosse head that’s designed specifically for a faceoff, you might like the way the STX Lacross Duel U helps you perform at the X and beyond. The price level is similar to that of competing brands.


  • Very short throat
  • Good flexibility for pinching


  • A few reviewers feel that the flexibility level becomes excessive after break-in

5. Warrior Noz 2 X Unstrung Lacrosse Head

A lightweight offensive lacrosse head with a stiff feel when it’s needed and the right amount of flexibility for faceoffs, the Warrior Noz 2X has a patented flare design that’s designed to give players an advantage at the Faceoff X. The bottom rail is designed to encourage mid to low pocket placement, so balls can be controlled easily and released quickly when the time comes.

If lightweight is one of your deciding factors and you’re looking for a specially designed faceoff lacrosse head, then you’re likely to appreciate the Warrior Noz 2X. While this head takes some time to break-in, you’ll be rewarded with a good level of flexibility that can help you dominate the X. The overall shape is great for offensive maneuvers, making passes and shots easy and accurate.


  • Excellent ball control
  • Ultra-lightweight, yet durable


  • One report of a head that broke after a few months of use

Lacrosse Faceoff Heads
Buying Guide

There are a few different factors to consider as you choose the best Lacrosse faceoff head. Although you can use an offense head, you’re probably going to perform better in faceoffs if you pick up a specialty head. A few more things to think about:

Lacrosse Faceoff Heads

1. Flexibility

While flexible lacrosse heads aren’t always the best choice, they’re essential during a faceoff. Because your lacrosse head is going to be smashing down repeatedly, you want one that’s designed to take the shock and mold itself onto the ball, and then regain its original shape after the ball is released.

2. Curved Heads vs. Flat Heads

If you want to further improve your passing and shooting abilities, you need to put your trust in U-Shaped heads. Professional lacrosse players prefer U-shape heads. Flatter heads are ideal for beginners who have to learn the basics of the game like – how to pick up the balls etc.  

3. Traditional Pocket vs. Mesh Pocket

Mesh pockets don’t need any such adjustments. So, if you are looking for a Lacrosse Faceoff Head that does not require any tinkering to get started with, you should opt for a head with mesh pocket. However, if you know how to adjust the settings a little bit, a traditional lacrosse faceoff head would be just fine for you.

4. Light Weight

You might not think a fraction of an ounce would make much of a difference, but when things get intense and you start to feel tired, you’ll be glad you chose a lightweight head.

5. Narrow Shape

A wide head is great for catching but useless for face-off. The best lacrosse faceoff heads have a profile that might remind you of upside-down butternut squash, with a wider top and a longer, narrower throat.

6. Built-in Pinch Points

The newest faceoff heads have pinch points engineered into place, so it’s easier to get a grip on the ball and pop it up to the next player.

7. Tight Stringing

Many of the best Lacrosse faceoff heads are sold unstrung, which is perfectly fine! Be sure to take care when stringing and knotting your faceoff lacrosse head though; you don’t want to end up losing possession if your ball gets stuck. Remember, Face Off, Get Off!

8. Weight

As the name suggests, you are going to use lacrosse heads to take the ball away from the opponents forcefully, you need make sure that the Lacrosse Faceoff Head that you are planning to purchase is lightweight. Top-heavy lacrosse stick will not help a bit and the opponents might be able to snatch the ball away from you easily.  

By keeping these useful tips in mind, you’ll find it is easy to choose the best Lacrosse faceoff heads.  We wish you the best of luck as you dominate this season!

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