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Best Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet

Best Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet

Most people struggle a lot when it comes to selecting a pair of lacrosse shoes for their kids with wide feet but it does not have to be that complicated. Overall fitting is important when it comes to zero in one a pair of lacrosse cleats for people with wide feet. Unless your kids feel comfortable in their lacrosse cleats, they will have a hard time making backward or forward movements and this can have devastating impacts on their overall performance in the game. Without a reliable pair of lacrosse cleats, your kids might face a barrage of problems while trying to steal the ball from the opponent or blocking or catching the ball midair.

In order to excel in their games, your kids should be able to jump high, and to do that perfectly, you would need to have a pair of lacrosse cleats designed specifically for people with wide feet. Good quality lacrosse cleats for wide feet will protect your kids from getting injured during the game.  

Narrow lacrosse cleats can cause a lot of trouble. It can cause corns, calluses, and blisters, and that can severely damage your ability to move freely in the field. And please for Christ’s sake, don’t even think of compensating the width of the lacrosse cleats by opting for longer cleats because that would a disaster. Long shoes or ill-fitted lacrosse cleats can make your trip and fall. To make your job a little less complicated, here we have listed the best 6 lacrosse cleat for wide feet so that you don’t have to waste anymore time. Listed are the best 6 men’s Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet –

Best 6 Mens Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet

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1. New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe

Launching the first upgrade to the pioneering shoe designed for indoor lacrosse. The FreezeLX provides projectile support for greater control and traction, notwithstanding the quality of indoor surfaces where you’re playing your lacrosse game.

With the grounded contact gum rubber outsole, players are well-supported from all angles.

Fresh Foam cushioning offers soft support and more cushioning. The shoe comes with a Dual-Density TPU (thermo polyurethane) plate for more traction, stability, and flexibility.

The full bootie tongue is customizable to suit all types of lacrosse players. Lamitex offers stability while preventing upper stretching and easy tear.

QuixRail has lugs for mirroring the angles to give the players superior traction when on the field

Tactically-designed base lugs that offer not only underfoot traction but even exceptional rotational release. Woven saddles for maintaining your foot stationed on the plate for more stability

2. New Balance Men’s Rushlx V1 Lacrosse Shoe

Make your mark on the lacrosse ground with the New Balance® Rush LX. With a synthetic and mesh upper, you can be assured about efficient support, stability, and greater breathability. The TPU plate has strategically-positioned cleats that are designed for speed while providing the required traction and underfoot feel.

With superior synthetic upper, you can enjoy the benefits of stability, durability, and longevity. An asymmetrical mesh collar offers good support and greater comfort. Open-mesh tongue for improving breathability. Enhanced unstitched seams for extra support. Lightweight TPU (thermo polyurethane) plate for offering underfoot traction. Synergistically-placed secondary lugs for added underfoot feel.

3. New Balance Men’s BURN Mid Speed Lacrosse Shoe

The New Balance Burn X is another name for comfort, driving you to perform your best on the lacrosse field.  The lean Fantom Fit Upper provides lightweight support and a good fit, bearing unstitched designs and lightweight materials sans the extra weight. And with a speed plate, you can move about swiftly on the field to play your best.

A plushy tuck and comfortable fit that clinches your feet and keeps them stable so you can move about on the grounds comfortably. A unique plate that is designed for optimal downhill speed for players that need a boost on the first step and tenable acceleration for beating competitors when out on the lacrosse field

4. Under Armour Men’s Banshee Ripshot MC Lacrosse Shoe

Give your best shot on the lacrosse grounds with the UA Ripshot. A synthetic-based leather upper for a custom, comfortable, lightweight fit. A die-cut EVA footbed that adjusts to your foot shape for greater comfort and lesser cleat pressure.

Molded TPU outsole having secondary cleats for providing traction and increasing speed, as and when required. Synthetic upper wraps all-round your foot for a comfortable fit and lightweight feel. Mesh tongue offers more ventilation. Die-cut EVA sock liner designed to lower cleat pressure for greater underfoot comfort.

Molded TPU plate is lightweight, offering maximum traction on all types of grounds. Secondary cleats for an efficient push and desired acceleration

5. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

With a neat pair of UA Men’s Spotlight Mac Lacrosse cleats, players can be assured of fulfilling their ‘need for speed’.

The knit ankle collar fits snugly, while the upper comes with TPU fibers for managing any violent clashes. Woven upper and woven-in TPU coated threads have a lightweight feel while extending the necessary support and stability.

Whole-length bootie structure and molded ankle collar offer added comfort and support. With the TPU heel unit and coating on toe box, you can be sure of durability and requisite protection. High rebound SuperFoam® insole effectually absorb shocks for offering extra comfort to the players

Extremely lightweight speed plate merges BZM and TPU for enhanced strength and stability. Mix of bladed and cone-shaped studs for enhanced brakes while enabling swift movements. Secondary cleats intertwine for boosting speed and extending acceleration.

6. Adidas Freak Lax Mid Shoe – Men’s Lacrosse

Adidas Freak Lax Mid Shoe – Men’s Lacrosse Cleats is designed for those attackers who like to outsmart and outfox opponent team’s defender by making long strides. This pair of men’s lacrosse cleats is designed for people with wide feet and can help you get nimble on your feel and that too without feeling discomfort whatsoever. What is even more remarkable about this Adidas Freak Lax Mid Shoe is that it does not burn a hole in your pocket and offers a snug fit. Made from 100% synthetic materials, Adidas Freak Lax Mid Shoe will most certainly last many seasons. Sock-like fitting makes this Adidas Freak Lax Mid Shoe uber comfortable and the inclusion of Techfit upper ensures greater support while speeding past the defenders. Superior comfort is somewhat guaranteed by the padding placed along the line of the collar. Molded EVA insole is super light.

Benefits of Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet

Round Toe-Box

Narrow lacrosse cleats tend to hurt the toes a lot. The toes get crushed inside the narrow space and therefore, it is important to ensure that the toes of your kids are getting overlapped inside the cleats because that might cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

Ankle Support

Lacrosse cleats for wide feet should have ankle support otherwise your kid might end up hurting the ankle badly.


No matter what type of lacrosse cleats you purchase, you need to make sure that it has got an ample amount of outsole as this will help to minimize the impacts every time your kid makes a jump during the game.

Extra Depth

To prevent the instep from rubbing against the cleat, we need to make sure that the lacrosse cleats have enough depth.  Extra-depth will accommodate the extra width of your kids’ feet.  


Lacrosse cleats for wide feet should be made from lightweight materials otherwise it might tire them down fast. Heavy lacrosse cleats will definitely make it hard for the players to make quick movements on the ground.


Lacrosse cleats should provide a good amount of traction otherwise, you will run the risk of getting tripped while trying to make a run for the ball.