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Best Lacrosse Balls

Best Lacrosse Balls

Playing lacrosse requires us to focus more on safety gear and equipment. And not just protective gear, choosing the best lacrosse stick, passing, helmet, and shoes is undoubtedly of crucial importance.

For the fast-paced sport that lacrosse is, choosing the best lacrosse ball makes a significant difference in the game. In fact, selecting a lacrosse ball that is best suited for the game is tricky; the most complex part of the game to say the least.

In fact, the majority of lacrosse balls are strikingly similar. Ergo, it is imperative to know the key differences to be able to choose the best lacrosse balls from the lot. For players in the intermediate and advanced levels, balls must be the official weight, size, and color. But if you are still learning the game, you may choose between tough and softballs.  Typically, softballs are used when playing indoors so that the laxers do not hurt themselves. Soft lacrosse balls are also used for players who have just been introduced to the game. Tough ones are used to build up the laxers’ strength.

In this article, we tell you all about how you can select the best lacrosse for the game. This comprehensive guide will help you find the best lacrosse balls at reasonable prices.

Best 8 Lacrosse Balls

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Here are the list of top lacrosse balls that money can buy –

1. Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls are made from high-quality materials and that means, they will last really long. These lacrosse balls are all NFHS and NCAA approved and they meet all the guidelines laid out by NOCSAE. If you want to enhance your shooting accuracy, look no farther than these lacrosse balls.

These Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls are great for practice. Available in different colors, Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls can also be used for physical therapy, relieving back pain, juggling or as toys for your pets. The only problem with these lacrosse balls is that they stink like chemicals.

2. Guardian Innovations Pearl X and NX Greaseless Lacrosse Balls

These are legit lacrosse balls. No matter how roughly, you treat these Guardian Innovations Pearl X and NX Greaseless Lacrosse Balls, they will hold up well. All you have to do is to wipe them clean every now and then and they will be as good as new.

Even when used for an extended period of time, these Guardian Innovations Pearl X and NX Greaseless Lacrosse Balls don’t get greased or break down chemically. The use of re-engineered material ensures this. These lacrosse balls definitely last longer than any other traditional rubber balls that are commonly available in the market.

3. Lacrosse Ball – NCAA NFHS Certified – Multi Color

First thing first, this lacrosse ball meets all the guidelines set by NCAA and NFHS. Available in two distinct color combinations, these lacrosse balls are made from rubber and that means they will get greasy that easily. These lacrosse balls can also be used as therapy balls as well. These balls are very soft and super bouncy. These lacrosse balls are also good for deep tissue messaging,

4. Velocity Lacrosse Balls

Velocity Lacrosse Balls meet all the standards laid out by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). Tested by Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), these Velocity Lacrosse Balls are soft and bouncy and thus ideal for lacrosse and physical therapy.

Velocity Lacrosse Balls are made from vulcanized rubber and the seams of these balls get polished over and over again and that ensures better ball control and better ball control. Since none of these balls are made from cheap recycled materials, these lacrosse balls will never lose their grip. Pure natural rubber is being used in the making of Velocity Lacrosse Balls.

These lacrosse balls are just perfect for tournaments, training, and games. They ensure accuracy and allows greater control. All these lacrosse balls meet the official size and weight recommendation.

5. Gladiator Lacrosse Single Official Lacrosse Ball

Gladiator Lacrosse Single Official Lacrosse Balls are getting sold like hotcakes. You can use them in professional leagues or in elementary schools. Made from 100% premium vulcanized rubber, these Gladiator Lacrosse Single Official Lacrosse Balls are grease resistant.

Gladiator Lacrosse Single Official Lacrosse Balls are extremely durable and these lacrosse balls are approved official governing bodies. These lacrosse balls are ideal for indoor, field and box lacrosse.

6. Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls have got approval from both NFHS and NOCSAE which is impressive. You can use these lacrosse balls during the regular practice sessions and in tournaments.  These Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls will help you improve your gameplay and your skills to a great extent. Your shooting accuracy will vastly improve. Available in different color combinations, Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls can be used in physiotherapy as well. You can use these Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls to relieve muscle tension. These lacrosse balls are made from molded rubber that helps improving accuracy and passing ability.

7. Franklin Sports Youth Lacrosse Balls

Franklin Sports Lacrosse Balls are all made from soft rubber and therefore, they are ideal for practice sessions. These Franklin Sports Lacrosse Balls are not like normal lacrosse balls, they are much lighter and much softer. They have got soft construction and are extremely lightweight. You need to keep in mind that these Lacrosse Balls don’t meet any of the NFHS and NOCSAE regulations. These lacrosse balls are designed for mini lacrosse shafts. Available in 6 different colors, these Franklin Sports Lacrosse Balls will help you keep the natural flow of the game as far as possible.

8. Velocity Lacrosse Balls

Velocity Lacrosse Balls are designed for competitive games and tournaments. The package contains 12 lacrosse balls and you can use these balls in high school and college tournaments. If you want to improve the accuracy of your game, it is high time you should invest in these Velocity Lacrosse Balls. These lacrosse balls are certified by both NFHS and NCAA. Made from solid rubber, these lacrosse balls can be used for physiotherapy.

Key Considerations

Sure, it may seem simple, but the checklist to choose the best lacrosse balls runs long. It is not just limited to selecting a round looking ball made of rubber. If you are new to lacrosse and are looking for the best lacrosse balls, you are probably lost. Not knowing where to start is one of the common dilemmas.

Start by determining what type of lacrosse balls you need and what you need them for. For instance, if you are looking to buy lacrosse balls for training purposes, you are headed a different way. Similarly, practice balls in lacrosse may be different from game balls.

Official Size of Lacrosse Balls

Irrespective of the use, lacrosse balls come in a predetermined size. The circumference of the ball must be between 7.75 and 8 inches. Lacrosse balls must weigh between 5 to 5.25 ounces.

Lacrosse balls are like tennis balls in appearance. But lacrosse balls are manufactured from rubber and thus, differ from tennis balls in consistency. Before you buy a lacrosse ball, you must check for the NOCSAE certification. The ball must have “meets NOCSAE standards” stamped on it. As long as the ball meets the predefined standards set by NOCSAE, it is worth the investment.

Lacrosse Training Balls

As specified earlier in the article, Lacrosse balls that are manufactured especially for training purposes are not to be used in the game. When shopping for quality lacrosse balls, you must look out for two types of balls:

  • Weighted Training Balls
    Weighted training balls are the same size as a game ball but are heavier in weight. Weighted training balls are used to help the player gain more strength while practicing for the game. However, such balls must be used sparingly lest it may lead to injuries to the players in the game. Training balls also come in a variety of colors not approved for the game. But choosing a brightly colored ball is suggested so that you do not lose track of the ball when practicing.
  • Soft Training Balls
    Beginners whose skills and abilities with the stick are limited may go for soft training balls. Beginners are more vulnerable to injuries and they do not have polished skills in handling the lacrosse ball. Using a soft training lacrosse ball is a great option when you are playing indoors as you can easily avoid damages to the ceiling and wall. Soft training balls also help the player develop shot speed and acquire better ball-handling skills.

Features of a Lacrosse Ball

There are subtle differences between individual lacrosse balls. It is not important to take note of the details there are certain features that you must be aware of.

Listed below are some of the few differences to consider in individual lacrosse balls.

1. Color

Generally, in men’s lacrosse, the ball used is white in color. In women’s lacrosse, the color of the ball used in official gameplay is yellow. However, a variation in the color of lacrosse balls is possible if both the coaches agree.

Training balls can come in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, blue, marble, orange, and green.

2. Markings

Unlike game balls for table tennis or golf, lacrosse balls do not feature any stripes or markings on the ball. The balls have a plain, solid-colored surface with the name of the manufacturer written on it. Look for the NOCSAE certification stamp to ensure that your lacrosse ball is all the value for money.

3. Surface

It is one of the key differentiators among the other models of lacrosse balls. The surface of the lacrosse balls tends to be greasy or sticky with time. The buyer must buy a ball with tacky surface so that it does not slip out of the lacrosse head during the game.

Lacrosse ball being slick or greasy is a sign that you need to replace it with a new one. Alternatively, you can also make use of a lacrosse ball resurfacing device. Or you can use some DIY tricks to make the ball grippy again. This includes soaking the ball in soapy water and rinsing it with cold water.

4. Materials

Lacrosse balls are typically made of solid vulcanized rubber. Manufacturers also use polyurethane material for lacrosse balls.

Lacrosse Ball Buying Tips

Certainly, when you invest in a quality lacrosse ball, you would want to make the most out of it. Ergo, below mentioned are some tips and tricks that you must know when choosing the best lacrosse ball out of the lot.

  • Younger Players must have softer lacrosse balls: Players who are aged 8 or under must use soft or padded lacrosse balls to minimize the chances of injury. It is also a common practice to use tennis balls to play lacrosse for kids. However, to inculcate the best practices of the game in the player from a young age, leagues may make use of official lacrosse balls.
  • There is only one size of lacrosse ball approved for the gameplay: The players in lacrosse must use the official size of lacrosse balls. The balls can differ in weight but not in size.
  • Equipment differs from men’s game to lacrosse for women: Since checking is not allowed in women’s lacrosse, women do not require gears with solid protective padding. Typically, women do not make use of helmets; they use goggles. Women also do not need heavily padded arm or elbow pads. However, players in the advanced levels may require some extra protection.
  • Lacrosse balls can hurt you: It is not unusual for a player to get hit by the ball. Pro-players are able to fire the ball at a speed of more than 100 miles an hour. If you are still in the learning stages, you must pick a padded ball. Not that padded balls do not hurt, but certainly, it is nothing like getting hit by a ball at the speed of the thunder.
  • Lacrosse balls can have a bad odor: Lacrosse balls may have a chemically smell. This is because a newly molded lacrosse ball goes through the “outgass” period implying that the ball shall evaporate excess of chemicals into the surrounding atmosphere. To dissipate the smell, you have to store the ball in a ventilated carrying bag.
  • Lacrosse balls require cleaning occasionally: To make the ball last the long haul, you must clean it after every two to three consecutive sessions. Cleaning the lacrosse ball is easy. All you have to do is make sure that you clean the ball with mild soap or detergent. Do not soak or clean the ball with a solution too strong. You may soak the ball is soapy water for 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Allow the ball to dry in natural air.


Below mentioned are some of the FAQs in relation to lacrosse balls.

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