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Best Lacrosse Bags

Best Lacrosse Bags

To play a high-impact, fast-paced game like lacrosse, you need tons of gears and equipment including the stick, arm pads, cleats, gloves, headwear, mouthguards and jerseys. And then you have additional stuff like water bottles, towels and so on. Certainly, carrying all this equipment can be taxing for anybody. Moreover, you need a bag that is durable and spacious enough to hold all this equipment in it. The only option here is to buy a quality lacrosse bag or backpack.

Players buying lacrosse bags and backpacks will be spoilt for choice when it comes to color, styles, and designs of the backpacks. There are backpacks specifically made for girls as well as for boys. Backpacks for girls are smaller in comparison to bags for boys as they are required to hold less equipment.

Choosing a quality bag to carry your belongings can be fun. And why not! Some of the bags can also be personalized to suit your taste. Some of the bags also come in wheels and feature a water-resistant canvas to keep your equipment at bay from moisture. What among them is the best is a matter of debate.

Best 12 Lacrosse Bags For
The Money

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1. ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack

ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack is designed to carry two lacrosse sticks at the same time. It has a separate compartment to keep your cleat clean and it also has got straps to carry your helmets. To increase the lifespan of this lacrosse bag, high-density polyester fabric is being used in the making of this lacrosse bag. Another great feature of this lacrosse bag is that it has got reinforced zipper that will surely eliminate issues that are commonly associated with rip and straps.

ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack allows you to stay organized without lavishing a lot of money on it. ERANT Lacrosse Bag Backpack is ideal for both male and female lacrosse players and it has got a nice sporting design and look. It has got separate compartments to store your wallet, phone, and other similar accessories.

2. Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag

Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag can be used by either the goalie or by any other lacrosse player irrespective of his/her position in the field. Be it a practice match or an important tournament, Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag is definitely going to serve you well. It has got extra pockets to carry your gloves and maybe one or two lacrosse balls. The fabric is itself water-resistant and that means, your gears will stay safe and dry.

Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag is large enough to accommodate all your large lacrosse gears. No matter how large your lacrosse stick is, it can easily be fitted into this Athletico Youth Lacrosse Bag. To stop the lacrosse sticks from wobbling or coming off, a bottom sleeve and a cord-lock top grip are included in the design.

3. Throwback Gametime Pack XL – Large Lacrosse Backpack

Throwback Gametime Pack XL – Large Lacrosse Backpack has got a premium look. It has got all the rooms that you will ever need to store all your lacrosse gears in one place. It is 40% larger than other popular lacrosse bags that are commonly available in the market. You can even put your dirty cleat in as it has got a separate compartment for that. It has ample space for all your fancy gear.

Throwback Gametime Pack XL – Large Lacrosse Backpack has got an insulated side pocket that will keep your drink cold even in the midst of all mayhem. Use its heavy-duty plastic hook to hang it from the fence and this will help you keep the bag neat and tidy during the game. It has plenty of pockets to keep all your fancy gear. You can store important items like keys, phones, wallets, etc in a separate compartment and that means, you will be able to have easier access to these important items in times of need.

4. Wolks XXL Premium Lacrosse Bag

Wolks XXL Premium Lacrosse Bag is another strong and durable lacrosse bag that you can put your money on. Use its ventilated front pockets to store your muddy cleats. Ideal for lacrosse players, Wolks XXL Premium Lacrosse Bag is spacious enough to keep all your valuable items in place.

Proper airflow is maintained in this Wolks XXL Premium Lacrosse Bag and that means, all items that get stored in this lacrosse bag will stay fresh and odorless no matter what. The shoulder straps are highly adjustable and are made from breathable materials. Use these shoulder straps will take the weight off your shoulders. Wolks XXL Premium Lacrosse Bag is made from Polyester Fabric that helps to extend its lifespan. This fabric is also highly resistant to water.

5. Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag

If you are looking for a really good quality spacious bag where you can place all your lacrosse gears without making a mess of it, you should go for this Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag. It has got reinforced handles that will not come off that easily and the zipper is made from Marine grade materials.

Heavy-duty and durable, Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag is not be messed around. It is a classic lacrosse bag that will let you carry all your lacrosse equipment without spending an astronomical amount. Sounds good? Of course, it does!

6. Maverik Lacrosse Kastle Team Bag

Maverik Lacrosse Kastle Team Bag has got all the features that an elite lacrosse player like you expect from a decent quality lacrosse bag. The design of this lacrosse bag is such, it never allows the odor to stay inside the bag for long. So, that means, you would not have to deal with smelly lacrosse gears anymore if you decide to put your money on Maverik Lacrosse Kastle Team Bag.

It has more than one compartment inside so that you can keep things in order. Though Maverik Lacrosse Kastle Team Bag is mainly used by boy lacrosse players, girls can also use this. Sperate shoe area available which is nice.  

7. Maverik Lacrosse 365 Gear Bag

Maverik Lacrosse 365 Gear Bag is designed to keep all your lacrosse gears odor-free. Maverik Lacrosse 365 Gear Bag has specific pockets dedicated to those gears that tend to get wet or muddy during the game. Other gears can be kept safely away from the touch of smelly gears in its main compartment which is large enough to accommodate all your fancy gears. Stick holder is included which is great and the padded shoulder strap makes it less painful for players to carry the bag around.

8. Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag (Black)

Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag is a fairly decent lacrosse bag that is spacious enough to accommodate all your fancy lacrosse gears. It looks really nice and easy to carry around. Ideal for beginners, Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag (Black) is even perfect for adult lacrosse players. Made from strong and durable materials. Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag is a bit pricy but given its immense benefits, you can easily ignore this minor inconvenience.

Warrior Black Hole T1 Bag has got separate sections for the lacrosse stick which is just awesome. To accommodate wet-gears, this lacrosse bag has got a well-vented pocket where you can keep all your smelly and dirty gears.

9. Champion Sports Lacrosse Equipment Bag

Champion Sports Lacrosse Equipment Bag is a no-nonsense lacrosse bag that meets all your requirements without making you spend a fortune on it. However, the only downside of this lacrosse bag is that you might find it a bit difficult to fit a defense lacrosse stick inside it. Other than that, it is just perfect.

A three-piece board is placed at the bottom of this bag to give it some strength but the problem is that this board does not fit properly. So, that means, you will just have to live with it. To allow you to carry different lacrosse gears, all it has got multiple pockets. The padded shoulder strap allows you to carry it around without feeling any discomfort.

Champion Sports Lacrosse Equipment Bag is spacious and has got enough room to accommodate different lacrosse gears like – arm pads, gloves, helmets, lacrosse balls and more.  

The bottom of this lacrosse bag is made from waterproof polyester whereas the side pockets are made from meshed fabrics. The side pockets are detachable in nature.

10. STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag

STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag is just perfect for the beginners. It is not too small or too large. It has got ample space to store all your vital lacrosse equipment. Well-constructed, STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag has got additional straps to carry multiple lacrosse sticks.

The main compartment is fairly large. The top of this lacrosse bag features a semi-circle opening and that means, you can easily get the pad in and out without facing any inconvenience. To accommodate the helmet, this STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag has got a separate compartment.

11. Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Player’s Bag

Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Player’s Bag is water-resistant and it is extremely easy to clean. Constructed from premium quality materials, Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Player’s Bag is designed to last really long. Made from heavy-duty nylon, Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Player’s Bag features a rugged look.

All pockets have got double zippers and it also has got an adjustable padded carry strap which is just icing on the cake. To store wet items separately, Martin Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Player’s Bag has got separate wet gear compartment which is nice.

12. Brine Magnus Equipment Bag, Black

Brine Magnus Equipment Bag can easily accommodate up to 4 lacrosse sticks and even after that, you will have plenty of rooms to keep all your other lacrosse gears. A zippered accessory pocket is one of its major features. We can assure you that you will be very happy with your purchase. It is durable and made from strong materials.

Why Should You Buy a Full-Sized Lax Bag?

Laxers, beginners or experts, opt for full-sized lacrosse bags as they are easy to carry and travel with. Not only do the bags store all of the equipment, but they are also extra spacious and can accommodate much more than just the necessities. Full-sized lacrosse bags are all-in-one carriers that you want to take with yourself on the field. Investing in a quality full-sized lacrosse bag, there is no need for carrying additional gear organizers. These bags can accommodate everything from lacrosse sticks to clothes, and shoes. But it is important that the player gives a rundown on his requirements.

For instance, girls can get a stick bag or a backpack since they do not have a lot of gears and equipment to carry. Buying a full-sized lacrosse bag may not be the best idea as it may go underutilized. Rather, a simple stick bag with additional compartments to carry the essentials might just be the thing you are looking for. Moreover, lacrosse stick nags will cost you much less than a full-sized lax bag.

You might also want to check out some of the most popular options like the scout lacrosse bags. These are the most sought after by laxers owing to the ease of wearability on and off the field. You can also design bags to match your style. You can go all out and creative choosing from various combinations of color, styles, and designs.

Lacrosse Bag Buying Guide

Buying a bag that doesn’t last you in the long haul is a bad investment. Before you step out on the field, you must make sure that you have the essentials in place. But selecting a lacrosse bag among the myriad bags available online and at the stores can be a tricky task. And therefore, before you finalize your purchase, you must zero down on your requirements. Read further to know what you must consider buying the best possible lacrosse bag without it making a hole in your pocket.

1. The overall size and number of pockets

Before you make a purchase, you must consider your position on the field. Since some players require more protective gear than others, you might have to home in on full-sized lacrosse bags. For instance, goalies will need larger sized lacrosse bags as compared to other players as they have to carry numerous stuff including lacrosse sticks, goalie heads, helmets, throat guards, padded pants, shin guards and more. Typically, male players need to zero in on bigger lacrosse bags.

If you really want to get a good deal on lacrosse bags, you can go online and read the reviews and ratings of some of the most popular lacrosse bags. The best lacrosse bags come with heftier price tags but they are worth every bit. You can also look out for bags with extra compartments for you to keep your valuables and accessories in place. You can also get a lacrosse bag with wet gear pockets to store wet jerseys and dirty cleats.

2. Ease of Transportation and Durability

For your lacrosse bag to last the long haul, you must invest in a sturdy one. The material must be weather-resistant for it to last seasons. The bottom of the bag gives an insight to the overall durability. Therefore, you must start by inspecting the bottom first. No matter how heavily you load the bag, it must not rip. Ensure that you buy a waterproof bag lest moisture seeping in through the material that may damage your equipment.

Despite these features, the bag must not be heavy. You must opt for a lightweight bag which is easy to carry. You need to check on the strap. Make sure they are not flimsy. These straps must e durable enough to hold your bag together and prevent it from snapping as you transport the bag from one place to another.

3. Types of Lacrosse Bags

Lacrosse bags can be typically categorized into 3 types. We have elaborated on each of these types below:

Medium Sized Duffel Type Lacrosse Bags

Duffle bags that come in medium size typically come with zipped compartments that are larger in size. You will also find smaller pockets with zips to keep small items and gears intact. You can also carry personal items and belongings and leave them in separate compartments.

Small duffel type lacrosse bags

You will find the smallest size of lacrosse bags in this category. Owing to its small size, it is ideal for players to store shoes and other small accessories. Players can also include some of their personal items if they desire. You can take duffle bags when you have just a few items to carry. Or, you can also place the bag in other bags that are meant to hold larger equipment. These bags mostly come with top handles for the player to carry it at ease. Duffle bags are characterized by shoulder strap(s). You will also find additional pouches and zip pockets to store varied items.  

Lacrosse Shoe Bags

You are obviously going to need a bag to carry the shoes that you require for the game. Lacrosse shoe bags are particularly designed to serve that purpose. Not all leagues allow the players to play in lacrosse cleats and so, you might have to carry shoes in addition to cleats. These bags have wider and more spacious compartments where you can store your cleats and comfortably carry shoes in addition to what you have at hand.

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