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Best Ground Ball Drills For Lacrosse Players

Best Ground Ball Drills For Lacrosse Players

To ensure, you become an ace lacrosse player it is necessary to pick up the key skills and polish them further. One such skill that you need to master is ground ball drills. It can be a tad hard but with practice, you can overcome the hurdles.

Listed here are a handful of ground ball drills:

Pick Up, Put Down Drill

This is something you can start with. Begin by putting one lacrosse ball on the floor or ground. Then just scoop it off and try to protect your stick. Now, just slam the ball down exactly where it was and scoop once more. Try to do 15 repetitions, three times. It can be tiring.

Back and Forth Drill- This drill can be good if you have a lot of lacrosse balls. You will have to put 10 balls each placed 3 feet away in a straight path. Now, put another row of 10 balls with the same gap, 20 feet parallel to the 1st row. So, by now you will have two rows of lacrosse balls, placed 20 feet away. Stand at one end and scoop up one ball and drop it. Now, run 20 feet to the 2nd row and scoop up a ball and drop it. Repeat this process for 20 balls.

Back-To-Back Drill

To perform this drill, you will need another player. The two players have to stand back-to-back. Both of them need to get in a wall sit posture and their legs must be bent at a 90-degree angle. Put a lacrosse ball underneath in the middle of the player’s positions. A whistle is blown, they have to get hold of the ball.

Pile Up Drill

This is one fun drill the young lacrosse players will like. You have to create a pile of lacrosse balls, using 20 balls or more. They should be stacked atop one another. Now, run through the pile to scoop up a ball. Stand 20 feet away from the pile and run. This is like playing a real lacrosse game- as you will see. Even if the pile breaks apart after a few attempts, the fun is there.

Kick Drill

It is possible to kick a lacrosse ball the way you do with a soccer ball. To try this, you will need 5 or more lacrosse balls on the ground. Now, kick anyone’s ball and chase it. Scoop up the ball. Try to scoop up the ball when it is still in motion.

Toss And Go Drill

It is a bit advanced. You will need a couple of lacrosse balls for this drill. Keep one ball in hand and the other should be kept for your stick.  Now, throw the ball in hand and chase it. Then repeat the process. This drill can make you fatigued sooner than you expect.

Ground Ball Wall Ball

You will need a wall with enough grass or surface around. You have to throw the ball underhand so that it rolls on the ground. Now. Scoop up the ball. Then throw it on the wall. To make the drill more challenging, try throwing the ball with more power or try thrown it at odd angles.

Rake Drill

Some Lacrosse coaches may advise against raking the ball. In some situations, it is actually prudent. When you cope with several other opponents for a ground ball, raking it and securing will be beeper, rather than kicking it. Practice raking the ball followed by securing it 10 times or more to your chest.

If you try these ground ball drills, you will find your on-field skills are getting better within a short time.