Best Girls Lacrosse Helmets

Best Girls Lacrosse Helmets

The best girls lacrosse helmet is one that fits well and offers the protection needed. A good fit means that it is not too tight or loose, but just right (not too tight). It should stay in place when you shake your head vigorously from side to side. The helmet should also be able to withstand a ball impact test by being dropped from a height of four feet with no cracks or other damage. To find the best fitting for your daughter, purchase an adjustable strap and try on different helmets until you find one that fits her comfortably.

Top 3 Lacrosse Helmets for Lacrosse –

1. Hummingbird Sports Girls Ladies Lacrosse Helmet

So you’re a lacrosse player, huh? Well whatever team you are on, Hummingbird is your new helmet of choice! Protecting not just the head but also the entire face with our its degree protection. From concussions to constant tussles with opponents, this revolutionary new helmet for girls lacrosse is unlike anything you’ve seen before – featuring style and performance in equal measure.

Worthy of elite athletes everywhere, this modern take on head protection delivers supreme fit with minimal shifting during gameplay. Whether you run a sideline or keep dodging through checks from the opposite team, Hummingbird Sports Girls Ladies Lacrosse Helmet includes strategically placed pads to offer complete coverage without any restrictions in movement.

2. Hummingbird V2 Girls Lacrosse Helmet

Be prepared for every hit with the Hummingbird V2 girls lacrosse helmet. Not only does this classic-looking lid come with Crash Cloud technology, but it’s also adjustable and comes with a spin dial to ensure that said headgear is comfortable, too.

Can’t find a helmet for your little lady to suit her feminine style? Its signature Ponytail opening will give her the confidence she’s always wanted. You’ll be ready for whatever comes your way! And don’t forget about these cool goggles built right into the headgear so that you can take in everything they’ve got to offer without losing sight of anything important

3. CASCADE LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

Poron XRD offers the maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate impacts. The LX steel mask is designed with open sight lines and an ergonomic shape. An Integrated goggle system relieves the facial pressure experienced by a separate goggle. A rear adjustable strap, dual hair slots and interchangeable cheek pads allow the Cascade LX the perfect fit adjustable to every player. Large air vents allow for maximum breathability keeping players cool and comfortable.

Game Helmets vs. Practice Helmets

For game play, your daughter will want to wear a helmet that is lightweight, yet still provides a high level of protection from impacts. The best helmets include adjustable cages and removable face masks. They should also have an interior liner that is easily removed and replaced when worn out. Goalies will need additional protection over their heads because so many shots are coming right at them!

Key Features

A helmet is only effective if it has all of its key features intact. These include: chin strap, foam padding, adjustable cage, locking clips or screws, face mask and ventilation holes. Girls lacrosse helmets should also have a removable liner for cleaning and replacement when worn out.

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