Best Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Best Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Before diving deep into three different types of defensive Lacrosse Shaft on offer, let’s take a closer look at some essential details about Lacrosse defense Shaft. We will cover everything you need to know, so you have the best information on your hands to decide for yourself.  

What is a Defensive Lacrosse Shaft?

The name of the Lacrosse sports literally translates to ‘the stick.’ Hence, sticks can define, if not dictate, the way you play and enjoy the games. There are three main types of Lacrosse Shaft on offer. The short Shaft, the long Shaft, and the goalie Shaft. Among these, the long Shaft is the go-to option for defense for its reach, and the ability to keep out opponents. According to official Lacrosse rules, this Shaft should be between 52 and 72 inches long. The rules dictate the size of the shaft to about 60 inches. Moreover, the width of the Shaft should be between 6.5 inches, and 10 inches long. 

The extended size of the Shaft makes it easier to poke at your opponents. But it also makes it easier to lose the ball and make a good throw. It requires a more extended half-circular motion before to pass the ball. Keep these limitations in mind to make the most of your available resources. 

5 Most Popular
Lacrosse Defense Shafts

1. Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Elite Shaft

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Elite is a premier lacrosse stick that is widely used by professional lax players around the world. If you are looking for a lacrosse defense stick that offers a good grip, look no farther as this Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Elite has got slip/grip top coating. The shaft is made from carbon fiber that ensures a consistent grip irrespective of the weather condition.

The Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Shaft offers consistent performance. Its carbon fiber body ensures superior performance and cuts down on the weight and thus making it ideal for defensive players.  Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Shaft is extremely flexible and that means, it will not break down that easily.

To improve the shaft’s mechanical strength, the company has incorporated HD Resin in it. Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Shaft bends easily and effortlessly.

2. Warrior Platinum 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior Platinum 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft is ideal for those lacrosse defense players who want to take their game to the next level. You can use it as a beginner lacrosse shaft but to be honest, it can also be used by mid-level players.

Warrior Platinum 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft flaunts Platinum Grade construction and as far as the claims of the company go, this Warrior Platinum 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft is twice as strong as a traditional aluminum handle. This platinum shaft is ideal for both giving and taking big checks. 

3. Epoch Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft

The outer surface area of Epoch Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft has got an additional layer made from an especially engineered material in order to make this defense shaft more tough and durable. To make this ‘specially engineered material’, code-named as SVT, a core part of this shaft, it gets heated first and then applied on the carbon fiber layup. SVT minimizes the possibilities of developing micro fractures and thus helps to increase the longevity of this amazing Epoch Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft.

Epoch Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft is making good use of 12K Intelligent Weave Technology to offer better stability on the move. This new and revolutionary technology channelizes the energy to the head of the lacrosse shaft while shooting and passing and this helps you maintain accuracy while doing so. Epoch Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft has got a uniform construction that ensures superior mechanical performance.

Epoch Dragonfly Eight 60″ Defense Lacrosse Shaft offers uniform release regardless of the positions of your hand. To offer maximum control, the engineers have made this defense shaft pliant. If you are looking for a defense lacrosse shaft that offers a consistent grip, you should look no farther.

4. East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft

East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft is a super strong and super flexible lacrosse shaft that is primarily designed for defensive lacrosse players. Kick Point Technology and Flex Control Layering are the two main features of this East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft. Ideal for long passes, East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft can help you release balls more accurately.   

East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft is surprisingly stable and it has got less recoil time. On the bottom portion, this East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft has got raised texture that ensures a firm grip.

5. WARRIOR Burn Diamond Defense Handle Lacrosse Shaft

WARRIOR Burn Diamond Defense Handle Lacrosse Shaft has got the right weight and the right amount of grip. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many defensive lacrosse players are using this particular lacrosse stick.

You can easily swing it around since WARRIOR Burn Diamond Defense Lacrosse Shaft is super light. Diamond grip ensures a good grip. Since this shaft is made from KRYPTOLYTE alloy, you don’t have to worry about its durability and performance.

Factors To Considers While Purchasing A Lacrosse Defense Shaft?

Before choosing the best defense Shaft, you will need to know the role you will be playing in defense. The position in your team will bring out marginally small but significant length variation in your Shaft. Depending on the position and format, you can choose the length, grip, and shape of the Shaft accordingly. Keep in mind that apart from its reliability, the length is its most important quality. Take your time to understand your position in the team, and the kind of stances, and moves you wish to pull off. As conventional wisdom goes, not everyone fits the mold. And, Lacrosse Shafts offer you the fantastic freedom to personalize their use within reason. 

Moreover, Lacrosse Shafts can also vary depending on their materials, grip, and shape. It would be ideal for you to try out different lacrosse sticks before settling on your final choice. Some materials are lighter than others, while others value the sturdy feel of the grip. There are various materials on offer in Lacrosse Shafts. The newest ones include scandium, carbon fiber, and titanium. The good thing about these more modern materials is, you won’t have to worry about breakage a lot. Despite the heavy beatings that Lacrosse sticks can take – most of these are a safe bet to handle it.  

Type of Defense Lacrosse Shaft Grips

There are many different types of shaft grips. However, like with many choices, it is not easy to tell which ones will give you a head-start. If you are new to the game, we suggest you start with the most commonly used ones. These are rubberized, sandpaper, and smooth. The prevailing trend in Lacrosse is to use a smooth shaft with a customized taped grip. While this is quite common, it is also tough to get it right. If you have an older sibling who knows how to get this right – you would be set. But, if you don’t, we do not recommend spending a lot of time on this one. The process involves a lot of trial and error. Moreover, there are good shaft grips in the market to do the job just as well, if not better.  

The sandpaper is a great choice to hold onto your shaft even in heated exchanges. Although it doesn’t happen a lot, losing grip on shafts isn’t uncommon at all. While the sandpaper gives you a pretty good grip, the rubberized grip regularly helps you focus on its sticky nature to avoid slipping. You can also customize these two grips as you wish, but most players use these as they come. We recommend you to try these before moving to choose tougher to pick a grip. 

Types of Lacrosse Defense Shaft Shapes

Shaft shapes can bring out incessant debates in Lacrosse. Traditionally, oval, and circular were the only two options. However, with more choices, most players have also become pickier. And, the debate isn’t entirely unmerited. Your shaft shape will change the way you hold your stick. The good news is there are many shaft shapes to pick from today. Currently, the octagon shape for a shaft seems to be in trend. The form does seem more appealing due to its natural grip.

Moreover, it also improves the player’s grip onto the shaft. There isn’t a perfect shape to please everyone. But as they say – practice is what makes a man perfect. So, if you find yourself in a spot of bother – take out a comfortable stick from the store, and enjoy the great game! 

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