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Beginners Guide to Lacrosse Positions

Guide To Lacrosse Positions

If you’re new to lacrosse you might be unsure of the rules, the tactics lacrosse drills and, most importantly the positions the players are playing. The objective is fairly simple; score more goals than the other team, but there are quite a few different ways for it to get there. The interplay between the four main position groups can decide the fate of a match. But, before we get to player movement we need to break down the different lacrosse positions that you may be playing.

Understanding the Four Lacrosse Positions


Like every other major sport that features a goal keeper, your net-minder will be responsible for keeping the ball out of the back of the goal. Though good hand-eye coordination is important (as it is with most lacrosse positions) playing between the sticks is more so about desire than skill for younger players. We’ve worked with all sorts of keepers but the successful ones will usually do anything to keep that ball from passing over the goal line (so please make sure you are properly equipped).


Just in front of the goalkeeper you have the teams’ defenders. While other lacrosse positions like midfielders and attackers might get all of the glory, defenders are only used in the team’s defensive half (but that doesn’t make their job any less important). As a defender your job will be to neutralize the opponents attack, and when you get the ball, your job will be to spark the attack. Only four players are allowed to defend the goal so, consider it a position of honor.


If you enjoy stressful environments, endurance tests and being on the ball a lot then you may want to become a midfielder. Your job will be to distribute the ball and act as a bridge between the defense and the attack. Unlike the other lacrosse positions, you’ll have to go both ways (attack and defend). So, bring your running sneakers and enjoy the most stimulating position on the field.


For glory! Of all of the lacrosse positions, attackers tend to be the most cerebral. They score goals, they dazzle crowds with their moves, they break ankles and they have the off-field flair to match. If you dream of having your own highlight reel and a variety of endorsements, then you may want to consider being an attacker.

Finding your favorite position on the field will probably take some experimenting (so don’t get too mad at your coach if they move you around). Youth lacrosse is just about getting better as a player and as a person. So, lacrosse positions aside just remember to have fun and enjoy North America’s game.         

Last modified: September 4, 2022