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Anatomy of a Lacrosse Stick

Anatomy of a Lacrosse Stick

Much like the football or cricket bat, the Lacrosse Stick can be deemed as the soul of the sport! The nuances of lacrosse stick reflect the nature and playing style of the player, for sure. It is important that you know the various parts of a lacrosse stick and what options are there while choosing a stick. This also helps you buy the apt stick for your playing needs.

The Three Parts Of A Lacrosse Stick

  • Lacrosse mesh
  • Lacrosse shaft
  • Lacrosse head

The long section of the stick is the shaft. The net part used for holding the ball is the mesh. The stick part is also referred to as the shaft.

The Head

The Lacrosse stick starts with the head part. It is the plastic-made part that is on the shaft top. The head parts vary a lot as you will see. The sticks used by defenders have different heads than sticks used by attacking players.

At the top of the head section in a lacrosse stick, sits the scoop. It is a curved, near-flat edge. The lower part of the head has the sidewall. The sidewall holes determine the mesh stringing pattern. You will see thicker sidewalls on defensive heads. The attacking heads have thinner sidewalls. The head throat is at the bottom part. It is what links the lacrosse head to the shaft.

The Shaft

The lacrosse shaft can be made of several materials. However, they are made mostly with carbon, wood, or metal. Not all shafts are the same. The lighter shafts enable faster movement, for sure. The Carbon shafts offer better flex. If the budget is not high, you can go for wood shafts too. It also offers a nice flex. However, wood-based shafts tend to be heavier making them unsuitable for female players or beginners. Aluminum is used a lot in making the shaft as it is lightweight and cheap too. If you have a deep wallet, opt for the titanium-based shafts. They are light and very durable. They are more suited for defenders. The elite lacrosse players often go for scandium made shafts. Carbon fiber is also being used in making shafts.

Lacrosse shaft is made in 3 sizes.

  • Attack/Midfielder’s shafts- 30 Inches
  • Defenseman shafts – 60 Inches
  • Goalie’s shafts – 40 Inches

The Mesh

The mesh is what holds the ball. It is mostly composed of woven fibers that look like traditional stringing. Nylon made mesh is used mostly for women’s games. You can also find sticks with traditional pockets, in which nylon strings are woven around leather straps. The nylon mesh is what the beginners prefer more. Of late, you can find synthetic and plastic-based strings used in such sticks. The depth and flex of the mesh can vary a lot as well.

Summing It Up

When you shop for a lacrosse stick, you need to evaluate each of the parts well. It is also necessary that you think of your playing style, budget, etc. You may check out the reviews of sticks made by popular brands in this regard.