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9 Lacrosse Footwork Drills

Lacrosse Footwork Drills

So you want to be an elite lacrosse player? Well, footwork is a key component of being great at the game. And if your goal in life is to win more games and dominate any field with your skillset on the court (pun intended), then developing that killer crossover step or side-step will help get you there!

Footwork is a critical element of lacrosse player development. The best footwork in the world will make you an even more dominant force on any field, and scoring goals should be easier with great defense to boot! Here are 10 drills that can help up your game now.

9 Lacrosse Footwork Drills

Dodging Through Trees

Dodging through trees is a great way to get better footwork in lacrosse. It’s super fun too! You can practice different dodges and combinations of the dodge action by practicing dodging around one tree, then quick rolling back before doing another type of dodge on the next tree like you did with your first one. This drill will help improve not only your agility but also other aspects such as hand-eye coordination or accuracy which are crucial for success in any sport that requires throwing skills (like baseball).

The number 1 tip I have to give about getting better footwork is do it where no sightlines exist so there won’t be anything else distracting from what you’re trying to focus on – dodging out between two trees while running full speed

Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the best investments you can make in your lacrosse game. It’s really affordable and it will improve dexterity by building up those tiny muscle fibers that might not have been getting a workout before. You’ll need to find a good spot for this, so head outside if possible!

Jump roping is an easy and fun way to break a sweat. Once you have your jump rope, set a timer for 1 minute and try to jump as long as you can without messing up! The more mistakes the better because it keeps things interesting (and challenging). Then give yourself 2 minutes of rest before doing another round – only this time do 3 rounds instead of just two. By keeping track with how many times around in one hour that makes 10-12 total sets, which translates into 30 minutes worth of exercise done right there at home! Now all we’ve got left are some tips on jumping safely if you don’t want any broken bones or bruises from trying out new moves too quickly.

5 Cone Drill

The best way to improve your footwork is by practicing with cones. You only need a few of those brightly colored pieces and you’re good to go! Start at the outside cone, then touch each inside cone as you work your way around the box. This drill helps develop so many parts of your game – change-of-direction skills, coordination and body awareness are all highlighted in this exercise if done correctly for 15 minutes before lacrosse practice starts at 7 PM sharp.

Icky Shuffle

The icky shuffle is a fun footwork drill that you can do anywhere, and it’s easy to learn if you’re new! It starts by putting one foot in the ladder and then taking out your other. You repeat this on opposite feet for an “Icky Shuffle.”

The fourth of five drills I’d recommend would be the “icky shuffle.” The best part about it? That anyone can do it – even beginners like me! All all need are some ladders (which we typically have lying around) so start with both legs inside; take off just one leg from either side which leaves only two left before switching again onto another pair. This might seem hard at first but after doing more repeat.

The best part about this drill is that it can be done anywhere, and since the lateral quickness coincides with your ability to dodge, you’ll see major improvements in split dodges.

3 Cone Drill

The three cone drill is a great way to get an accurate reading of your agility skills, and it’s easy too. All you have to do is set up the cones in the shape of “L” so that they form two parallel lines for each leg, then weave through them as quickly as possible without touching any one (other than at points where there are already obstacles). It’ll test out most aspects of agility and see how well you can move while running around with speed!

5-10-5 Shuttle Run

The five-second rule is a good way to get your heart racing. It’s so simple and easy, but it has tons of benefits for lacrosse players! One footwork drill you’ll want to add in from time will be the 5 10 5 shuttle run–it develops change of direction quickly and helps build stamina too. But don’t worry if that sounds like more than you can handle right now; there are other ways we can make our training sessions really challenging instead.”

The best way to get in shape is by running. The key, however, isn’t just the number of miles you run but how often and for what duration. Try this simple drill every day: start with 5 yards on one side then 10 yards back again over a total distance of 15 before turning around and going 5 more yards at your original direction to complete 20-yard sprints three times each time per set; several sets will help build endurance while shorter ones are perfect when looking for an intense workout that can be done anywhere without any equipment necessary!

Box Jumps

The explosive power and footwork that box jumps give you are unmatched. I, for one, think it is the best drill out there. All you need to do is find a box or platform high enough so when your feet hit the top of it they don’t touch ground again until after landing on its base– sounds easy right? But in order to do this exercise correctly focus on soft landings at all times; doing this will teach your body how light-footedness can lead to less bruising during games!

Did you know that jumping on stairs can be an awesome workout for your body? It’s like a less intense version of running. All it takes is some coordination and endurance to jump from one stair (or step) up to the next, without twisting or rolling your ankle! Try this out with caution if you think it’s too hard – but don’t let anyone tell you what exercise is good for them when they’re not exercising themselves.

Lateral Steps

The best way to prevent injuries is by training your muscles. When you use resistance bands, they work on muscle stabilization which helps keep out of that dreaded physical therapist’s office for longer! To do the drill: just create tension with the band and take a step left before returning back to start position after completing one repetition.

Footwork drills are lateral steps done with an added challenge in order to improve coordination during more rigorous exercises like climbing up stairs or running through snow drifts. The youtube channel called “The Lost Breed” has many great examples including this workout—a perfect thing add into your routine if you’re looking for something new and challenging!

Pickup Basketball

If you’re looking to improve your footwork, basketball is a great place to start. Many of the moves in both sports are similar; for example, the crossover drill and split dodge have very few differences between them. And if you end up struggling with lacrosse post-movements like dodges or shots from behind the goal line, maybe playing some other sport will help illuminate things for you somehow! If there isn’t an open gym near by at school or even off campus then try checking out public courts where people play pick-up games on their free time too–who knows? You might find that once this happens it improves your game exponentially because now not only do these new approaches make sense but they also seem easy.